Who does what in the church

SchulteCherylGrapevine   Sharpe Brain  
Grapevine Editor
Cheryl Schulte
  Archives and DBS Checkings
Brian Sharp
Gatherum Barbara   Sosina Sam  
Bible Reading Notes
Barbara Gatherum
  Audio Visual Team
Sam Sosina
Savine Alison   Stannard John  
CAP Co-ordinator
Alison Savine
  Communion and Welcome Rota
John Stannard
TowsonPatriciaFlowers   EdwardsPetrina  
Patricia Townson
  Parents and Toddlers
Petrina Edwards
TimothyKathy   SchulteBerndWebsite  
Sunday Refreshments
Kathy Timothy
Bernd Schulte
HardingJohn   Walden Neil  
Recording Ministry
John Harding
  Life Group Coordinator
Neil Walden
Mfune Diana RM   Street Steve OM  
Parkside:  Registered Manager 
Diana Mfune
  Parkside: Operations Manager
Steve Street